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Council on Foreign Relations: Advancing Cyber Diplomacy: Digital Diplomacy Around the World

Council on Foreign Relations Cybersecurity Symposium “Digital Diplomacy around the World” moderated by Niloo Razi, a senior operating partner with Energy Impact Partners. Joining Niloo both the virtual and the actual stage is Selena Larson, senior threat analyst at Proofpoint and previously a cybersecurity reporter, Ambassador Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, the director of the Digital Society Institute at the European School for Management and Technology as well as former ambassador-at-large for cyber diplomacy and director-general of the cyber diplomacy department at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Juliette Wilcox, cybersecurity ambassador for the U.K. defense and security exports at the Department for International Trade who spent over thirty years as a British diplomat.

Watch it here.

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