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Niloofar Razi Howe testifies to Congress (HAC-D) on Emerging Cyber Threats and Path Forward.

Malicious actors operating in cyberspace are fast, creative, persistent, and unconstrained by norms, laws and regulation. They have proved themselves extraordinary opponents who study our weaknesses and are able to adjust, evolve, and move with a sophistication and speed that evades our best defenses and exploits our technical, human, legal, and regulatory vulnerabilities. The SolarWinds supply chain operation by Russia and exploitation of Microsoft Exchange Servers by China are just the latest examples of how sophisticated these adversaries have become, purposefully using U.S. infrastructure to launch devastating attacks against tens of thousands of organizations in a short period of time.

Read Niloofar Howe's full written testimony, including a series of suggested actions, here. Watch her oral testimony here.

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