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Security Voices Podcast: Interview with Niloofar Razi Howe

There are stories, and then there are “epics”: tales of a journey so full of unexpected twists and excitement that you’re left wondering how all that could happen to a single person. Niloo Razi Howe’s life is such an epic. Whereas most epics feature men with swords, this one focuses on a woman with heels and a hockey stick. Her career which began as an author and quickly moved to becoming a McKinsey consultant and then attorney… until she founded one of the few modestly successful online pet supply businesses in the 90s.  Moved by 9-11, Niloo found the cyber security market and made it her sole focus as an investor at Paladin Capital Group.  Niloo took subsequent roles transforming a startup and then tried her hand at transforming industry titan RSA. Niloo then left it all to focus on her terminally ill mother. This experience affected her profoundly and we wrap up this first part of our conversation with Niloo by exploring how she now structures her career on 3 pillars of different activities versus 1 job.

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